Minolta Riva Zoom 70w

Minolta Riva Zoom 70w


6 November 2016

Honestly? I just liked the way it looked. Plus it says Minolta, which nearly always makes me happy, so I bid on it and got it for the usual next to nothing I'm willing to actually part with. While I was waiting for it to turn up I had a look round the web to see what anyone else thought of it, not always a good idea after committing to buy, I've found. I didnt find anyone exactly raving about it, but nothing awful either. Phew.

Like so many of these 90's compacts the 70w is super competent and usually gets you the shot without being necessarily stand-out. Things I do particularly like, though, include 28mm at the wide end and being easy to hold, even though it has that pebbly shape, and dealing fairly well with low light shooting with the flash off. Talking of which, it's always up when the camera is switched on but is lightly sprung and seems not to mind being held down if you do find it in the way. The viewfinder is a long black tunnel that always took me a couple of goes to find each time and which shows the user rather less than turns up on scans and prints. Ick.

Techy speccy stuff can be found here as I'm too lazy to list them right now as it's the middle of the night during a break from recording music, or I can save you time googling it here. Other search engines are available, and you're welcome.

I liked the camera but didn't remotely push it (due to at that time treating all film cameras like I was still ten years old and being allowed to take just the one shot with my dad's Isolette on holiday) so I plan to re-visit it at some point and shoot some bits of chewing gum close-up, or a condom in the canal or something. You get the idea. There are a few shots lower down the page to be going on with for now, entirely unmolested by software, shot on C200.

Thanks for looking

Stu =