Pentax Espio 928

Pentax Espio 928

31 October 2016

I picked this up at the peak of one of my 2016 GAS attacks for less than I paid for a cup of tea and a slice of cake each for me and Louise at the Oxford Ceramics Fair the other day. I planned on whizzing a roll of C200 through it and moving on, but I enjoyed it enough to use another roll straight away. In the hand it's not the tiniest, but it is smooth enough to slip in and out of a decent pocket reasonably well and has a helpful battery-grip-style ridge to keep it from escaping too easily in use. I love the 28mm wide end and enjoyed being able to zoom to 90mm when needed, though I do lean (see what I did there?) towards zooming with my feet as a rule. It's made of one of the nicer feeling plastics and feels a decent enough quality for what it is, though the film door does that creaking thing which bugs the hell out of me always for some reason.

The default setting is auto everything at 28mm, but doesn't force red-eye comp which has it's own easy to find button. Flash settings include always on, always off, night always on and night always off, and finally bulb with and without flash - lots of scope to play around with for the future. On the opposite side of the LCD are two more buttons; one for for self-timer/remote and the other to set focus to infinity, snap shot or spot metering mode. It also has a panorama shooting mode but unlike most cameras it blocks out part of the viewfinder when selected, keeping the photographer nicely tuned in to the change in framing mindset.

I reckon I could shoot many rolls through this without getting bored, while getting mostly good photos. As ever I miss the fine focussing control of using an SLR - I managed to push it into focussing on the wrong part of a couple of close-up shots - but the size makes up for that as most SLR set ups I've tried just aren't as pocketable (not you ME Super with 40mm pancake lens xx) .

I hated the viewfinder at first, I just couldn't seem to get the diopter to focus how I needed it to, but I must have adjusted to it over time as it seems quite friendly now, although I do find I need to be dead square to it or everything goes black like so many compact vf's. Easier to get my eye to in a hurry than the Minolta 70W is though. No doubt I'll think of things to add later - so I will.

I liked it plenty.

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All photos are straight out of the camera - no tweaking in post, what would be the point in a camera review...


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