Pentax ME Super with 40mm Lens


There was a roll still in it and I fired the rest off enthusiastically, not knowing that the film had become brittle in the approximately ten years worth of alternating heat and frost of the attic where it had been living, and torn the sprocket holes. At the time though, I'd read online that the ME is capable of shredding films, and I put it down to that and put it away rather than risk blowing another roll. I hadn't noticed at that time the little stripy window that wiggles about to show a film is being transported, which would have helped a lot. I gave John the prints of his shots from an old holiday and forgot about it until I found another in a local charity shop with a funny little lens on the front. This ME Super had a £20 price tag and a sticky shutter, so I asked if they'd consider splitting them with a view to going back to mine and trying again. The manager disappeared out back to check eBay and came back saying that the 40mm lens was worth around £70, but that I could still take both for £20 if I wanted as they'd rather just get rid.

Pentax ME Super with 40mm Lens

13 November 2016

This is rapidly becoming one of the cameras I'm most likely to grab when I'm in a hurry, having completely ignored it for at least a year after I was given the first one by my father-in-law. Thanks John. When I stopped ignoring it I immediately loved the vertical shutter, with it's satisfying yet understated thunk.


I wasn't altogether convinced, but when I got outside I checked and sure enough there were four lenses on eBay, varying between £60 and £80. I then found lots of people saying that the lens is wildly over rated and over priced. Oh well, up one minute and down the next. Never mind. (NB: It took a few weeks but they all DID sell for roughly their oiginal asking prices. Boom...)

At home I watched a video on YouTube on how to un stick the shutter and, on the grounds that I had nothing to lose, had a go and utterly mended it. I was completely enchanted with it by now, with out even having fired a shot and decided to take it to the county show near Newbury, which is when I discovered that with the 40mm lens on it'll fit in the back pocket of my jeans. Hooray!!! I no longer cared what anyone said online about IQ, sharpness or any of the rest of it, because now I had pretty much everything I love about SLR's combined with pretty much everything I love about 35mm compacts. In one camera. For £20.

As always the photos are as the lab scanned them, and as so often the film is C200 .

PS I ran a bust film repeatedly through my first ME Super and it all seems fine. I'll put up it's own page when I've used it, and it's own lenses properly.